The Recuerda a César Chávez Committee presents the annual César E. Chávez “Sí Se Puede” Award and Dolores Huerta “Sí Se Puede” Award to two individuals who have exemplified the ideals of César E. Chávez and Dolores Huerta by making meaningful contributions to our communities through leadership, service, and education. 

Past Award Winners

11th Annual – 2016

     Carlos Marentes

     Alicia Marentes

10th Annual – 2015

     Richard Moore

     Sally-Alice Thompson

9th Annual – 2014

     Arturo Sandoval

     Sophia Martinez

8th Annual – 2013

     Mike Swisher

     Alma Rosa Silva Bañuelos

7th Annual – 2012

     Delbert Carrillo

     Eleanor Chavez

6th Annual – 2011

     Bennie Medina

     Maclovia Sanchez de Zamora

5th Annual – 2010

     L. Pablo Trujillo

     Kelley Burns 

4th Annual – 2009

     Chuy Martinez

     Rachel LaZar

 3rd Annual – 2008

     Cheo Torres

     Josie Marrujo

 2nd Annual – 2007

     Emil Shaw

     Lucille Cordova

 1st Annual – 2006

     Eduardo Hernandez-Chavez

     Ysaura Bernal